Malar Rash (Butterfly Rash)

Malar Rash or Butterfly Rash is a form of facial rash. It is also called butterfly rash as it comes out in a butterfly shape. This type of rash is often found in Lupus Erythematosus ( Disease in which the immune system becomes hyperactive and affects healthy tissues).

It can also be seen in other diseases like Pellagra, Dermatomyositis and Bloom syndrome. The symptoms of this condition are joint pains, sensitivity to the sun, nail changes, tiredness and fever, hair loss. Some causes for Malar Rash are Discoid Lupus Erythematosus, Polymorphous Light Reaction, Reaction to Medicine, Sunburn etc. As their is no test for this, a blood test for antinuclear antibodies can provide an analytical hint. A biopsy of a tissue of the affected organ such as the skin can help in the diagnosis of this rash. Common treatments include antimalarial meditations. Incase of severe rashes,medicines that suppress the immune system can also be given to the patients.

How does Malar Rash look like?

A malar Rash or Butterfly Rash looks like a butterfly on the bridge of the nose.

Malar Rash (Butterfly Rash) Pictures

Here are some pictures of Malar Rash.

Pictures of Malar Rash

Malar Rash

Picture of Malar rash

malar Rash

Pic of Malar Rash

Malar Rash

Images of Butterfly Rash

Image of Butterfly Rash

Image of Malar Rash

Malar Rash Image

Butterfly Rash Appearance

Butterfly Rash

Picture of Malar Rash

Malar Rash Picture

Images of Butterfly Rash

Butterfly Rash Image

Image of Butterfly Rash

Butterfly Rash Image

Malar Rashes pic

Butterfly Rashes

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