Elephantiasis (Elephantitis) Pictures

Elephantiasis is a disease in which a body part is extremely enlarged. There is massive swelling of a limb, mostly legs. It is most commonly found in India. Elephantiasis is caused due to accumulation of a fluid called Lymph resulting from the obstruction of the Lymphatic System. Elephantiasis can also be caused due to a parasitic disease called Lymphatic Filariasis. In some cases like Idiopathic Elephantiasis, no known cause has been discovered. It is also spread by bloodsucking insects. Its symptoms include severe swelling, blocking of the lymph ducts, massive leg swelling, skin ulcers, pebbly skin appearance to name a few. The germ can sometimes be seen in the blood under the microscope. Treatment of basic causes like worms, bandaging, elevation and Anthelmintic drugs.

How does Elephantiasis look like?

Intense swelling of a limb making it look very puffy.


Take a look at some pictures of Elephantiasis.

Elephantiasis Picture

Old man suffering from Elephantiasis

Elephantiasis picture


Elephantiasis picture

Elephantiasis Photo

Elephantiasis picture

Girl suffering from Elephantiasis


Elephantiasis Illustration

Elephantiasis image

Elephantiasis Photos

Elephantiasis photos

Elephantiasis on hand

Elephantiasis pictures

Elephantiasis on feet


Elephantiasis pctures

Elephantiasis pic

Elephantiasis photo

Elaphantitis Image

Image of Elephantitis

Elephatitis Picture

Picture of Elephantitis Balls

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